Afrika Bambaataa: The Godfather of Hip Hop Culture

bambaataa1-e1316729353502-869x660Just when Hip hop was just a developing trend in the South Bronx neighborhood in New York, where the rich and flamboyant history of Hip hop was just starting to unfold, there has been so much of a boom in the new entry of a different flavor of music that totally started to captivate the listening ears of the public. More than capturing the listening ears of the people of the Bronx neighborhood, what made the rise of the Hip hop culture more special was it was all able to make something colorful out of the quiet community of South Bronx.

The Evolution of Hip Hop

Since it was just a newborn taste in music, so much needs to be done to cater much of its evolution until it finally seals it name in the annals of the music industry. And because of this, so much is needed for the evolution of Hip Hop not only as a music genre but as an art, a way of expression and a way of life. With all these things needed to be done, one American DJ who was born as Kevin Donovan and soon known as Afrika Bambaataa was all it took for the evolution of Hip hop itself. It is through the passion of this man that hip hop became the kind of genre it is today, the one that has finally secured its niche in the society.

The Godfather

With his great talent and artistry as a DJ, he was able to release genre-defining tracks during the 1980s and that greatly influenced the development of hip hop culture. Without him, perhaps there is no proper definition of what hip hop is and what it is ought to become. His efforts did not just stop there though. With his street gang the Black Spades invading the music scene and culture-oriented Universal Zulu Nation, the spread of Hip hop culture all throughout the world was finally a sealed deal made by one of Hip hop’s founding pillars. Undoubtedly, because of all this unparalleled contributions when it comes to Hip hop, as a music genre and as a culture, he finally carved his name in the annals of Hip hop history. Whatever Hip hop is right now is much owed to his unwavering passion for this way of life.

Rapping for the Nation

More than just music, he made sure that hip hop also serves its purpose in the society. Aside from transforming the old and quite Bronx neighborhood into something new and vibrant, hip hop also became an avenue for self-expression, most especially, expression of opinions in various societal issues. As he founded Universal Zulu Nation, a group comprised of politically and socially aware rappers, music had a whole new face and flavor. Gone are the days when music was just to entertain. Soon enough, Zulu Nation made a way to express their opinions, for or against government and societal issues through music and rap, really a breakthrough when it comes to staging revolutions and expression of opinions. It became a movement of the youth, that through their creativity and passion, there is a calling of positive change in the world.

Frankly enough, without the efforts of the Godfather of Hip Hop, hip hop may not serve its purpose today. It may just be another music genre, used to entertain and please our ears. But it will never have its purpose of transforming a society, the kind of purpose it serves today.