A New Brand of Music: The Hip-hop of Black Eyed Peas


“People killing people dying, children hurting hear them crying, when you practice what you preach and you turn in other teach. Father, father help us need some guidance from above, ‘cause people got me got me questioning, Where is the love? Where is the love?”

Upon hearing this iconic song in the radio waves, you might really think of it message, how it starts to allow people to revisit the different facets of life and realize how things have been for everyone else. Perhaps the idea of having a song that is just way beyond melody and tone of song is what sets a certain brand of music apart from anyone else.

Hearing those songs in the radio, one cannot really overlook the fact that a particular group of musicians have been making songs invading the airwaves. When the radio waves also start revealing the best of this music, perhaps everyone who hears their songs get the chance to get the message the songs try to express and also evoke feelings and emotions for all the listeners. Indeed, this group of musicians proves that music is just way beyond entertainment but also the chance to uphold a particular advocacy.

This really amazing group of musicians is in the faces of the Black Eyed Peas. Black eyed Peas is an American hip hop group, consisting of rappers will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo, and singer Fergie. Originally it was just formed as an alternative group but soon evolved into various music genres. Though they were originally founded in 1995, they rose to fame when they released Elephunk in 2003 and achieved high record sales.

According to Nielsen Sound Scan, the Black Eyed Peas were the second-best-selling group of all time.

A Group Founded on Years of Friendship

Black Eyed Peas was founded when two of the members, Apl.de.Ap and Will.I.Am started rapping with each other way back when they were still in school. As they were officially discovered as talents, their career is the music industry also started to prosper. However, it did not last long with the death of their first manager.

In 2001, their third album Elephunk began development but was not released until 2003. Their first music hit entitled where is the Love peaked in the billboards for weeks and thus truly sealed the niche of Black eyed Peas in the music industry. With the amazing charisma Black Eyes Peas artist have and the strong message and catchy tone of their music, it is really without doubt that they truly deserve to be part of Billboard’s best musical groups.

Needless to say, what just started as a teenage hobby of two boys, with the addition of two other singers in the team truly gave birth to the icon Black Eyed Peas is.

Music With Purpose

A disabled children charity concert in Mexico was one of the significant advocacies of the group and one of the Black Eyed Peas artist gave a strong message saying “To cooperate in this kind of activity makes us feel good. Doing so comforts us and reminds us that although we are in a moment of fame should not forget those who need us most”. Truly this shows that Black Eyed Peas, more than just great music also has the heart through music.